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About Us

Award-winning, certified instructors, who have practiced for many years to become some of the best around while still maintaining a fun, and friendly, attitude toward teaching.


Ed Potter- Tai Chi Chuan

Ed is a certified 4th degree black belt in karate (by Okinawan instructor Takayoshi Nagamine) and a 2nd degree black belt in aikido (by Japanese instructor Mitsugi Saotome).  He’s also studied Tai Chi in Taiwan and China.

John Witherspoon- Chen Tai Chi and Self-defense

John is certified by the Chinese Boxing Institute and has studied under Masters Christopher Casey and James Cravens.

Phillip Vincent- Olympic Fencing

Phillip is a former national fencing champion in men’s sabre and was a member of the Ivy League championship team at UPENN.  

Ed Potter

John Witherspoon

Phillip Vincent